I collect a few links and pointers to my interests and activities here

I have a mix of skills

I make gears and miniature clock parts, design and make electronic items, write software and do database work
For my electronics I keep some test gear available so I can take on jobs: equipment list
Many years experience of databases in various forms, MySQL, DBASE II, Paradox and TABS
Built my own 5 axis CNC
Open Source CAM and CAD

IRC activity

Often to be found on IRC, Its a good place to help and get help. I run a bot that lives in a number of channels and it goes by the nick the_wench. you can view the factoid table: the_wench db
Log of freenode #mysql
Log of freenode #cam
Log of freenode #maria

Archive activity

I collect books and archival information and volunteer at an archive with a strong belief that catalogues of collected information should be available on the web.
Implementing my collection database software takes up few hours here and there, it also being used at the archive I volunteer at for the intranet catalogue.
Magic Attic local history archive
My collection catalogue
Early versions of mysql see also Proven Scaling

Voluntary work

Engine driving Leawood Pumping engine, Cromford Derbyshire
I did a little bit of research on a car for somebody New Leader Car


Buxton dynamo engine

Other odd stuff I have on the server

Veteran car club midland section at Quorn
Learn your resistor colour codes


I have an interest in adjustable spanners/wrenches
Kurts Tektronix wiki
UK transistor manufacturing history
Tool Patents
I have some surplus stock to move
A friend has some rarespares
Herron Windows
Machinespares for startrite