Ive always wanted a cnc of my own.

At the October 2007 Midlands Model engineer exhibition some well priced stepper drivers and steppers were found (Arc Eurotrade)

Pile of bits and start of control build
More bits and started testing
Testing with large weight on table
Testing a cut and first production
First steel pinion cut and added LVDT for homing on one axis
Making a Worm and Wheel, Thread milling
added a 5th axis
added stiffness and height to the column
Machines existing at work
Machines existing at work 2008 some maybe be available for sale or free to a good home (Garvin miller)
Machines that came home from work Feb 2010
Added a webcam to the ubuntu box for possible machine vision
(have a look, it may be running) not been on since the cnc pc upgraded

Measuring machine tools and parts and measuring equipment

Measuring axis accuracy after fitting a ball screw
Obtained a Sigma pitch measuring machine, first test
Comparing accuracy of bench micrometers
Scanned a few diagrams on measuring axis accuracy and alignment
An Arduino cnc touch probe interface


Some thoughts on hobbing (2009) and the layout of a mechanical machine
The Barber Colman in original condition
The Barber Colman during first part of restoration (2012)
Trying to decode/translate a hob data sheet

Gear calculations

The maths to get the basic paths for bevel gear shaping
Design a crossed helical with adjustment

Gear milling

A spur gcode generator for the early version of the 5 axis, no longer used or maintained I now use loops and counters in the gcode

Interesting CNC and related links

Microstepping myths and realities
Balancing tool for turbine shafts (idea is suitable for spindle makers too)